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Grove City Fire May Be Ruled Undetermined

The cause of a Grove City fire that destroyed not only the home at 432 McConnell Street, but also claimed the lives of two residents, may be ruled undetermined. 

In the early morning hours of June 17, firefighters were called out to the fully engulfed house fire, in which siblings Brandon Fortuna, 28, and Kirsten Fellows, 43, were killed. 

The only survivor that day was Fellows’ small dog that was found the next day in a backpack buried in the rubble. 

Police are reporting there was nothing in the investigation to raise suspicions of foul play.  A report releases by Mercer County Coroner stated the siblings died of carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. 

Grove City Borough police headed the investigation into the cause of the fire.  They followed every lead and call they were given. 

It is believed that Fellows placed her dog in the backpack and went back into the blazing house in an attempt to save her brother.  Fellows was found on the second floor of the house, while Fortuna was found in the basement.  It is believed that Fortuna’s remains had fallen through to the basement from holes in the floors as a result of the fire. 

Police do not have cause to believe there to be foul play and state that in the end the fire that claimed these two lives is a tragedy. 

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