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$800 Reward Offered For Information

Mercer County residents are coming together as a community to fight against animal abuse. 

The recent death of a stray cat has Mercer County residents shocked and frustrated. 

A stray cat was found spray painted bright orange as it arrived back at a Hermitage family’s residence.  The family had been feeding the cat for several months at their home on South Darby Road. 

The cat was rushed to a local veterinarian’s office, but died shortly after arriving. 

It is believed that the cat had breathed in some of the toxic chemicals in the spray paint.  The cats face and head were sprayed. 

A reward for information leading to an arrest had been placed by the Mercer County Humane Society in the amount of $100, but the Mercer County Community has come together to raise a reward in the amount of $800. 

Those arrested for this crime could face up to five years in prison. 

Anyone with information about the incident are being asked to call your local police.  


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